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From this day forward 17 February 2021 I will be signing my new artworks with :Jane-louise:  Kellahan not KELLAHAN. Over lockdown I discovered something shocking. Our parents, without their consent were duped via our birth certificate. Our given names are ours but our surnames belong to the Crown. In other words, you are I are dead entities, lost at sea. Your passport and drivers licence will have your name in capital letters. Capital letters are always on headstones.

I have been in the media recently as I was violently arrested by the corrupt police corporation for assault with a weapon. A stockwhip to be precise. Truth is, I was defending my son against an attack by a bully.  So off to court I went. I don't have a lawyer as that puts me into contract with the dead entity name. I have an unrebutted Affidavit, a legal binding document that states that I'm NOT a vessel nor am I a PERSON, I'm a living being on the land. (A PERSON is a corporation (hint: corps oration = dead speak) refer to Black Law's Dictionary 4th Edition. The court is using Admiralty law not common law, why else do you think its designed like a ship. (hint: galley, dock, judge is captain)

We are now in the Age of Truth and Good Faith. Rise up people, knowledge is power.  See youtube 'The Freeman and Strawman Explained' and 'What lies within... NTN', please share and lets expose this corruption. We've been slaves for far too long!"


At the top of the painting, it is full of life. Bees, a beehive, cherry blossom, gold droplets of pollen and water. In the centre, a human figure starts to weaken. As our eyes move down, life is  deteriorating fast. Parts of the paint are even flaking off, revealing the underneath surface and  emphasizing that is everything is falling apart.  The figures backside holds a secret message, "If we cant be arsed making massive change, we will go down". The painting is crying because it is dying. 

The bees are falling to their death, the leaves have dried, as too are the flower petals. All that is left is a pile of dead, decaying bees. Once the painting is hung on the white wall at Chelsea Old Town Hall on London's Kings Road, underneath the painting you will see a pile of real bees that died by drowning in Lake Wanaka. https://www.stuff.co.nz/domini...


Taylor Pass Honey came along to the unveiling with their live bees and gave a presentation on the importance of Bees. Wine was donated by Two Degrees Vineyard.

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