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Jane grew up on a farm in Ohariu Valley, Wellington, New Zealand; an environment, which blessed her a childhood filled with space, freedom and cemented her character as a free spirit and risk taker.

In Jane's youth, she was a natural athlete, competing in netball,  water polo, swimming and  equestrian events. Leaving New Zealand in 1998, Jane based herself in London for two years and travelled extensively around Europe.  

"The turning point of my painting career happened in 1999 in the streets of Paris where I visited hundreds of galleries. I observed artist’s delicate lines and the way paint was applied. As I stood inside a gallery, something clicked and my individual style was born," says Jane.

Now based in Wanaka, Jane is surrounded by lakes, rivers and mountains, a perfect environment for inspiration. She creates thought-provoking, emotive,atmospheric works. Organically crafted onto wood and paper, these paintings are composed using raw materials such as sand and stones that are gathered from the southern lakes and land surrounding her. A combination of sensuous oils and a variety of mediums create textures that produce powerful paintings with resonant depth imbued with light and potency.




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